Tips for Finding the Right Fabricator

It’s always important to choose the right fabricator for your sustainable design project. ALKEMI recycled surfaces may be fabricated and installed using conventional tools and methods but we always recommend using qualified solid surface professionals and speaking with them directly before your sustainable design project. Here are our top tips from ALKEMI for choosing the right fabricator for you. Looking for a fabricator with experience using ALKEMI recycled surfaces? Visit our fabricator locator, with over 750 qualified fabrication professionals.


Know What You Want

Start a plan before you begin speaking to a contractor for your sustainable design project. You will get a more accurate estimate if you already have your base ideas solidified.


Focus on Expertise

What type of craftsmanship are you looking for? Focus on making sure your fabricator has specialized knowledge and a solid background with the type of surfacing you are working with.


See Previous Work

Make sure you check out similar projects your fabricator has previously completed before hiring one for your sustainable design project. Factors you should look at include the size and scope of each sustainable design project, materials used and timeline. A portfolio of beautiful installations won’t get you far if your project is much different than those they have successfully completed.

For fabricators, download our ALKEMI-acrylic fabrication manual for more information on fabrications methods for ALKEMI.