Alkemi-acrylic is a beautiful and sustainable surfacing alternative, made using pre-consumer waste flake aluminum and copper, solid surface scrap and recycled acrylic. With no VOC content, ALKEMI-acrylic is safe for people and friendly to the environment.   

Recycled Content - “88% to 97% pre-consumer” - SCS Global certification

Indoor Air Quality – “Indoor Advantage Gold” - SCS Global certification



88%-97% recycled

ALKEMI-acrylic contains up to 97% recycled content, the highest in the World.


ALKEMI-acrylic satisfies credits 4.1 and 4.2 under LEED and is certified by Scientific Certification Systems for recycled content and air quality control. Learn more here.


Colors and finishes

ALKEMI-acrylic is available in eighteen vibrant options and can be finished from matte to high-gloss by qualified solid surface professionals.



Due to differences in personal monitor and internet browsing settings, colors may vary slightly from actual product. Each featured sample measures 3in x 3in. 


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ALKEMI recycled surface materials...