Award winning ALKEMI-polyester is a recycled surface material composed of post-industrial scrap waste (34% by weight or 60% by volume). Made from fine flake aluminum milling scrap—which commonly burns up as a heavy smoke pollutant when exposed to conventional aluminum recycling—ALKEMI-polyester leaves no hazardous footprint. Available in a variety of designer colors and surface aesthetics as Classic and Honed, ALKEMI-polyester may be fabricated and installed using standard solid surface fabrication methods. Strong, durable and exquisite to the eye, ALKEMI offers a brilliant, sustainable alternative to the stagnant commercial material options, such as solid surface, plastic laminate, stone and glass.



Certified recycled content

ALKEMI-polyester contains 35% recycled content by weight or 60% recycled content by volume.


Made from fine flake aluminum milling scraps, ALKEMI-polyester leaves no hazardous footprint.


Colors and finishes

ALKEMI and ALKEMI Anodize are available in classic and honed surface aesthetics. ALKEMI Opaque is available in honed surface aesthetics only.


ALKEMI Classic



Due to differences in personal monitor and internet browsing settings, colors may vary slightly from actual product. Each featured sample measures 3in x 3in.


Alkemi and Alkemi Anodize series are available as classic and honed aesthetic options.  Alkemi Opaque is available only as honed aesthetic. 


1/2” and 3/4” (13 mm x 19mm).

Sheet Dimensions

 36” X 96” (914 mm X 2438 mm)

 36” X 120” (914 mm X 3048 mm)

 36” X 144” (914 mm X 3658 mm)


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